How Beatles Fangirls Inspired Lewis Ray Cammarata to Strum His First Chord

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Courtesy of Lewis Ray Cammarata
Lewis Ray Cammarata, far left, can be found playing music all over the Valley.

The beautiful excited girls dancing on the TV screen were the ones who caused Lewis Ray Cammarata to go into music. That was when he was watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. Cammarata remembers it likes it happened yesterday because his dad was wincing with disgust, but his mom thought the Beatles were cute.

His older half-brother, Marty Goldscher, bought him a guitar after watching the eventful Beatles performance.

"A year later I was in a band. When I was 16, an older teenager introduced me to James Brown's music. I didn't know that type of music existed," Cammarata says.

A year later, he was playing in a rhythm and blues band. He played with bands in Los Angeles for 20 years before taking a time out for 10 years to raise his son. Then, he moved to Phoenix 11 years ago and has been working his way back into the music business.

Cammarata continues to mix the Beatles into his alternative blues music, which finds him at valley venues about four times a week. He leads the open microphone performances every Tuesday at Shakers in Scottsdale, every Sunday he joins the jam at Pho Cao, and every Thursday he joins Ray Ray's blues jam at Starters Sports Bar and Grill.

Cammarata plays alternative acoustic blues along with Americana and roots music. Most of his music is original, as he likes exchanging ideas with songwriters. His relationship with the blues has been mixed.

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