George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic - Marquee Theatre - 4/30/2014

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Jim Louvau
George Clinton didn't look much worse for wear at the Marquee Theatre on April 30. Full slideshow here.

George Clinton is 72 years old and he rocked a two-hour set at Tempe's Marquee Theatre Wednesday night. You can forgive him for taking a couple of sit-downs throughout the set. (When I'm 72, if I can perform for 15 minutes I'll call it a Roman triumph.) The man is just absolutely impressive as a songwriter and performer, perhaps even more so in his seventh decade of performing.

The evening was opened by local atomic jazz fusion act Captain Squeegee, known throughout the local music scene for its talented horn section. For further proof, see Sara Robinson and the Midnight Special's upcoming album or Mouse Powell's most recent release. Squeegee also is known as one of the Valley's best local ska bands, but that's neither here nor there.

The decade-old seven-piece left its alt-rock songs at the jam pad and hit the Marquee stage with nothing but experimental funk. The band kept the set mostly to songs from its 2013 release, To the Bardos, and the crowd was feeling it, evidenced by the overwhelming number of times frontman Danny Torgersen was asked when the band's next show would be (May 22 at Crescent Ballroom).

Captain Squeegee was a valiant opener, but the crowd of about 1,000 most certainly came for P-Funk. The Parliament-Funkadelic took the stage before their leader and got the groove going. Clinton took much of the crowd by surprise by not wearing his trademark rainbow colored braids or sunglasses. In fact, much of the crowd did not even know it was him until he officially was introduced. But once that name was called, every audience member burst into applause.

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Marquee Theatre

730 N. Mill Ave., Tempe, AZ

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Liz Torgersen
Liz Torgersen

You guys ripped it up! And the whole crowd was dancin' with the funk!!!! Great job!!!!!!!

John T. Trimble
John T. Trimble

I wish I would of known he was coming.. love that funky music

Bob Hoag
Bob Hoag

Danny, you need to sit down more.

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