Five Must-See Concerts This Week, 5/12 - 5/15

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Crystal Rolfe
Nikki Hill plays the Rhythm Room on Wendesday.

"School's out for summer," sang one of Phoenix's proudest sons, Alice Cooper.

But I'm going to go out on a limb and say that per-capita celebrations of summer are lower here than most places in the country. As Arizona State University students go back from whence they came and the snow birds migrate to cooler climes, the rest of us are readying our air conditions for another four, five months of unfiltered desert reality. Still, if you feel like celebrating, there's plenty to do.

Check out these five concerts this week.

A Cloud for Climbing - Crescent Ballroom - Monday, May 12

Whether it's through his digital design work or his post-rock music outfit, A Cloud for Climbing (AC4C), Brock Lefferts has one goal in mind: "organically distorting what is perfect." In AC4C, Lefferts flies solo, using audio software Ableton Live to manufacture loops and beats for him to play alongside on acoustic or electric guitar. Crafting layered instrumental ascensions in the same vein as Tycho or Four Tet, the 26-year-old musician builds progressive soundscapes as crisp as they are delicate.

Also performing at the show will be New Young Pony Club and Bogan Via. --Troy Farah

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