Boys Noize - Monarch Theatre - 5/7/2014

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Amanda Savage
Boys Noize fans react to the producer's concert Wednesday night at Monarch Theatre.

Boys Noize
Monarch Theatre
May 7, 2014

Wednesday night Boys Noize and L-Vis 1990 headlined at Monarch Theatre, bringing underground house and electro to a relentless crowd.

By 11 the third opener, Bijou was wrapping up his set. The local DJ known for playing deep house and Chicago style house was the perfect intro to the headliners. The low tempo nature of Bijou's style welcomed the growing crowd, and set the tone for a raw, bass-centric night.

A good DJ set is like a good lay. You don't want to come on too strong with banger after banger, exhausting the crowd 30 minutes into their night. It's all about the gradual build of excitement and the ebb of flow of giving them what they want and giving them time to breathe.

This idea works both on DJs' individual set level and on the larger scale of the whole night; the opening DJs should all slightly build on each other until the energy is handed off to the headliner: the climax.

Bijou set the scene; L-Vis 1990 was the foreplay.

After he mixed out of Bijou's last track, L-Vis 1990 came in and changed gears, opening with hard kicks that sent vibrations throughout the building. His music style is definitely more energetic than Bijou's, which isn't necessarily good or bad. L-Vis' 1990 doesn't quite fit into a specific breed of dance music producer. His set mixed deep house and electro styles with random hints of almost every other genre. He mixed low tempo, heavy bass tracks into 2 Live Crew's "Face Down" at one point.

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