Bacchus and the Demonsluts - Lawn Gnome Publishing - 5/25/2014

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Jeff Moses
Bacchus and the Demonsluts

Bacchus hit every note and played one of the most entertaining sets of their career, and all of their sets are extremely entertaining. But following a lead singer as intense as Wolvves' Aydin Immortal is just difficult. Things got so intense on stage during Wolvves that Immortal actually broke a part of the stage during the group's song "Locals Only."

Every band played well, and the crowd stayed fairly consistent from start to finish. Bacchus' Lazy Sunday BBQPalooza and CD Release party was easily one of the best parties going in the Valley this Memorial Day Weekend.

Critics Notebook

Yesterday: Bacchus and The Demonsluts Album Release

The Venue: Lawn Gnome has seriously upgraded its PA since the demise of Live Music Tuesdays, and the addition of a ice cream truck to the landscape is pretty awesome, too.

Overheard in the crowd: "Man, how are we going to follow that?" Aydin Immortal after Jerusafunk's set.

Random Notebook Dump: Valley bands, please take heed of Bacchus and its amazing release show when you are going about planning your own. It doesn't have to be 25 bands on two stages at The Sail Inn nor four bands at Crescent Ballroom. It can be a fun and interesting event of your own design with real character and a draw built on more than the fact that every band in town is playing it. Kudos to Bacchus on a party well done.

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@RubberBrother I want to buy three copies of the album, but I can't get through to the point of purchase using the link above. please help me.

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