5 New Locally Released Songs You Should Hear

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Miss Krystle hopes you think she's unforgettable.

Forget the Billboard Hot 100 -- if you're looking for catchy new music, look no further than the Valley. These five new songs from local artists are worth giving a spin.

"Unforgettable," Miss Krystle

Pop artist Miss Krystle, who is known for her eye-catching, slickly produced music videos, released "Unforgettable," a song she says hopes describes her music. "'Unforgettable' is a song about impact, which is my goal as an artist," Miss Krystle says. "I strive to make my art memorable and meaningful, and, as someone with big dreams, to make my music unforgettable."

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Andrew Carter
Andrew Carter

I'm still going to download album been moving so haven't had computer or internet hooked up

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