9 Things We Learned at Wet Electric 2014

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Morgan Page rains down beats at Talking Stick.

2. Morgan Page Tends to Drive EDM Fans Wild
Maybe its just us, but we've noticed something unusual happening whenever we've seen this house/electro/trance/progressive DJ digging into a mix: things tend to get a bit cray cray. Whether it was at the W Scottsdale during the Fourth of July in 2012 or during his headlining set on Sunday at Talking Stick, those in attendance go wild out. We're talking girls flashing, people making out, or crowd members just losing their shit.

Much was the case at Wet Electric when we saw Page whipping attendees into such frenzied behavior as five-alarm twerk-fests, massive amounts of people on each others shoulders, some sort of whacked out version of Ring Around the Rosie, and jags of salacious close-quarers contact. Perhaps its due to the fact that when Page typically goes on, it's usually at a point after the alcohol or other behavior-altering substances have really kicked in. Personally, however, we'd like to thinks its all the sexy electro grinds, kinky beats, and the non-stop audio pounding that loosens inhibitions.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers.

1. The Chainsmokers Are Masters of Delayed Gratification
If you came out to Talking Stick to see The Chainsmokers on day two, it's incredibly likely you came to hear one song and one song only -- "#SELFIE." And the duo of Andrew Taggart and Alex Paul definitely obliged you...eventually. Oh sure, they teased the crowd at the beginning of the set with a few notes from the club megahit, but held off until about an hour later before dialing it up to the delight of the screaming, thong-wearing throng.

This is sort of meta

In the interim, they built the energy throughout one helluva set, which peaked with the words of a vapid blonde muttering about a dude named Jason looking at her when he was with another girl, trying to make her jealo...well, you know the rest.

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