9 Things We Learned at Wet Electric 2014

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4. DJ Lujan is a Great Opener and Closer
If we could only bottle the energy and emotion shown by DJ Lujan on Sunday, we could power the Valley for at least a week. Maybe more. The Scottsdale resident and house music maestro was all smiles and glee when he was mixing onstage, and considering he got to serve as one of the openers of day two and the cat who closed the entire festival. And he did it with style and skill, building things with upbeat sounds and warming up the crowd and then keeping the energy going with electro and club bangers after the headliners had left.

It sort of reminds us of something he said during an interview with Up On the Sun a few years ago: "I always say that music is the fuel that drives my life and soul," Lujan stated. "When I DJ -- with any of my sets, mixes, CDs, and podcasts -- I like to take my audience on a progressive journey, starting off [with] slower, chiller, feel-good music and building up to the end where I'm playing big room, fist-pumping and super epic music."

Dash Berlin goes booth surfing.

3. Dash Berlin Isn't Afraid of Heights
It's sort of a DJ thing to leap up on the mixers for mid-set theatrics, which - depending on the club and the fame level of the particular selector - is either tolerated or forbidden. Because of the particular setup on Saturday at Big Surf, the distance between the top of the booth onstage and the cold hard concrete below was about 11 feet.

So when Dash Berlin decided to get elevated and...um, dashed atop the LED panel in front of his booth for some dancing, he was one bad step from taking a header followed by a trip to the nearest emergency room. Thankfully, the Dutch DJ was surefooted enough and got down after getting down for only a minute or two. We're guessing that Wet Electric's promoters then let out a sigh of relief.

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Big Surf Waterpark

1500 N. Mcclintock Drive, Tempe, AZ

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Talking Stick Resort

9800 E. Indian Bend Road, Scottsdale, AZ

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