9 Things We Learned at Wet Electric 2014

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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
You won't see this at your average pool party.
Whatever deity runs the universe -- be it Yahweh, Ganesha, Mother Nature, or even the Flying Spaghetti Monster -- we're starting to wonder if they might have a beef with EDM festivals held at Big Surf in Tempe. Three years ago, during the first-ever Soundwave, it rained cats and dogs. And during the first part of Wet Electric 2014 this past Saturday, storm clouds brewed early in the day and colder than normal temps made it a bit chilly.

Although there were several thousands on hand, most stayed out of the water park's wave pool where the stage was located. Good thing Wet Electric's organizers made it a two-day event this year and had a bigger turnout on Sunday at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale.

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It drove home the notion that the annual EDM festival is better off taking place over a whole weekend, which was one of several things we learned after attending Wet Electric. And here's a few other insights.

All eyez on me.

9. Tupac Lives
And has apparenly gotten a sex change and started hanging out at random EDM festivals with Slippy Toad from Star Fox and Kung Fu Panda's molly'd up sister. In other news, you can get away with wearing pretty much any sort of mask at a rave or DJ event.

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Big Surf Waterpark

1500 N. Mcclintock Drive, Tempe, AZ

Category: General

Talking Stick Resort

9800 E. Indian Bend Road, Scottsdale, AZ

Category: General

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