Trunk Space Kicks Off Its Indie 500 Concert Series with Infectious and Intimate Performances

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Courtesy of Stephanie Carrico
Peter Breslin gets experimental on his drum kit.

Day two of the Indie 500 had much less of a crowd, as is par for a show on a Monday night. Those who were on hand, however, got a great show.

Peter Breslin started off the night with an improvisational drum set, alternating between small to big crescendos. The percussionist was clearly in nirvana as he kept playing, even when he would drop his sticks on the floor on accident.

The improvisational set wasn't always on beat, which reminded me of free-form literature that purposefully has no narrative, which bothers some people. The point, of course, is not to bother people, but to provide an alternative to traditional sounds people are accustomed to hearing. Either way, it was cool to see him transitioning from using different types of drum sticks to make small and loud sounds.

A large sign that said, "Happy Birthday," was on the wall behind him as he played his dimly-lit set.

Mr. Atomm's Bombs played next, and their set was fast, dark, and at times, overwhelming. The drummer was also the singer, and the vocals paired well with their loud, melodic sound.

Courtesy of Stephanie Carrico

The ostensible headliner of the night was Yourchestra, which usually performs as a quartet, but did the duo thing on Monday night with Richard Bogen on banjo and Michael Plunkett wielding his mandolin. They offered a set filled with their style of old-timey sounds, and noted their fondness for the venue. "As Phoenicians, we're really proud that Trunk Space has been here this long," Bogen says.

Plunkett took to playing the washtub bass next for a song the duo performed about the Heimlich maneuver, which they did with a back-and-forth, call and response style. Yourchestra was charming, and for one of their last songs, both members sat on the floor and played the xylophone and thumb piano, which made it feel like the crowd was just sitting with them in their living room as they played their set.

And that is one of the big draws of the Trunk Space over the last decade -- the ability to create such an intimate atmosphere between audience and musician thanks to its small size.

The Indie 500 will roll on through Wednesday, April 9. Check out our online concert calendar for more details on who's performing each night.

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