Trunk Space: More Memories From the DIY Venue's First 10 Years

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One of the many crowds that have gathered at the Trunk Space in the past decade.
There are many reasons people keep coming back to the Trunk Space, and it's not necessarily because of the music (although that is the biggest reason).

There's the whole sense of community that's developed around the DIY gallery and venue, which has become a wayward home and all-inclusive haven for underground and outsider artists, newbie musicians, colorful oddities, and other misfit toys for those who didn't seem to fit in elsewhere.

The Trunk Space and its co-owners, Stephanie Carrico and JRC, have developed such a loyalty among friends and fans that there are about 20 people who have its street address (1506) tattooed on their bodies.

It's one of many unique Trunk Space-related stories that we heard while assembling our recently published oral history of the Grand Avenue venue. We caught up with many of the musicians and artists over the past 10 years who have made their way through Trunk Space's now-infamous red door to play at the space, attend a show, or just hang out.

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And while we included as many stories and quotes as we could in the piece, there was a lot that we (naturally) had to leave out. What follows are many Trunk Space-related anecdotes and tales that we recorded and are now sharing as B-sides of sorts, including yarns from Andrew Jackson Jihad's Ben Gallaty on a special party bus, as well as stores from former Valley resident (and Trunk Space regular) Brodie Foster Hubbard, and musician Liam Murtagh, whose wedding officiated by JRC in the space.

Oh, yeah, and we even have a tale about the venue's infamous neighbor who's been a nemesis of sorts and has constantly called the cops because of Trunk Space's perceived "wickedness."

Ryan Wolf
Ben Gallaty (left) and Sean Bonnette of Andrew Jackson Jihad.

Ben Gallaty (Andrew Jackson Jihad): There's a point in time when there was a lot of ASU kids and people who were new to Phoenix, and they came in this party bus and parked it right next to Trunk Space and they all went to Bikini Lounge. Knowing that, Sean [Bonnette] and a few other friends, I can't remember who was all there were just talking about the party bus guy and I think they just walked on to the party bus and acted like they were supposed to be there.

I mean, I think they tried to, and the party bus driver pulled a knife on them and said the perfect line: 'Don't party near my party bus!" Someone even did a block print of that and it had the actual quote. I missed that one, though. I wasn't there.

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