Trunk Space: 20 Favorite Shows From the Last Decade

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No Age - 01/30/11

No Age's SST-era punk rock influences were clear, as they played the faster songs from their catalog and had minimal stage banter. They took the stage without a word as Randy Randall played the opening riffs of "Life Prowler." Once Spunt started drumming to "Teen Creeps," the second song of the evening, the crowd erupted into a small-scale mosh pit.

Spunt's vocals were difficult to hear at times due to Randall's six amps and array of effects pedals, but that didn't stop the crowd from dancing and singing along to their favorite songs, including a cover of Black Flag's "Six Pack." The mosh pit full of dancers consumed nearly half the crowd by the end of No Age's set. After playing "Miner", Spunt announced their unofficial encore. "Alright we're gonna play just one more, a real quick one." The moshing/dancing audience caught their breath as Spunt closed out the evening by saying, "Thank you, thank you, see you guys next time. Don't be a stranger." -- Melissa Fossum

Melissa Fossum
Harry and the Potters at Trunk Space

Harry and the Potters
My favorite show was when we played on the night of one of our "bandiversarys." We played three shows at Trunk Space that day, one in the sweltering afternoon Phoenix heat, and one at night, and also one outside in the parking lot for the people who couldn't fit in. We also had ordered 13 pizzas from a shop down the street to be distributed during one of our closing numbers.

We wanted to celebrate and it everything just seemed to line up perfectly for us to do everything we set out to do and more at the Trunkspace. I love that Trunk Space is such a positive space in Phoenix and has been always accommodated us well when we come to town. We've had great shows at the Phoenix public library too, but Trunk Space is just goshdarnit a place that is down to clown with our wizard antics. -- Joe Degeorge

Jason P. Woodbury
Carla Bozulich at Trunk Space's stage.

Carla Bozulich, Badwater Bob, & more - 9/9/11

There's only about twenty people in the Trunk Space, and we're sitting on the floor. Badwater Bob is on stage, a spry, gray gentleman in a string tie and worn Levis. He's been playing campfire songs for the past half hour, traditional cowboy stuff like "Cool Water" and "Streets of Larado." Right now Bob is leading meager crowd through a singing of "Taking Tiger Mountain," an ambient song/poem by Brian Eno. Hastily copied lyric sheets have been distributed, and everyone is singing.

Badwater Bob is charming, but not much more than a rudimentary guitarist. His voice, though, is clearly why Carla Bozulich, the woman we are here to see, has invited him along on her tour promoting her new album In Animal Tongue. Bozulich is sitting with us, huddled in a close circle, leading the refrain from the floor while Bob does so from the stage.

She is all smiles when the song concluded, and the meager attendees hoot and shout our applause. "That was the best time ever," Badwater Bob says. "Most of the time people just sit there and look at me." -- Jason P. Woodbury

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