Top Five Concerts to See in Metro Phoenix This Week

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David Accomazzo
George Clinton brings the funk to the Marquee Theatre on April 30.

Man, what a weekend, right? After a week of scarily summer-like temperatures in the mid-90s, the Valley gods blessed us with two days of gorgeous sunshine in which the mercury hardly threatened to break 80. Not ideal if you were, say, at an electronic music festival at a water park, where 98 degrees would have felt just right, but the rest of us hopefully made the best of it. This week we're having a return to normalcy of sorts, surging back to the normal 90s, so check out these indoor concerts if you're looking for a cool way to entertain yourself.

Dandy Warhols - Crescent Ballroom - April 28

Dandys rule, okay? They have never not ruled, they still rule, and I suspect they always will. Turning 20 years old, Portland's premier rock band, the Dandy Warhols, can claim one of its generation's most eccentric careers, making the quartet one of the last great rock 'n' roll acts in existence.

You can label the Warhols "neo-psychedelia," just a rehash of that iconic 1960s clatter, but the truth is that vibe never died. In the first place, nobody "discovered" whatever sound or genre was mainstream 55 years ago -- it was always there in some form, just waiting to be
seized. And it never went away, even if it may have lost some widespread appeal over the years. --Troy Farah

Djentrification - Bikini Lounge - April 29

Sometimes the word "eclectic" just doesn't do a dude justice. Djentrification is one of the most "eclectic" DJs in town, and the term barely serves to scratch the surface when it comes to his unique musical approach.

He's not a typical DJ, finding kindred spirits in guys like legendary Phoenix oddballs like Johnny D and Eddy Detroit as opposed to the glitzy club scene. "I love Johnny D, and Eddy is a big inspiration to me. He gave me my first drum," Djentrification says. --Jason Woodbury

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