Top 5 Metro Phoenix Concerts This Weekend

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David Guetta will perform on Sunday, April 6, at Maya Day and Nightclub in Scottsdale.
Curious about what's going on around town this weekend? Need some suggestions as to how to rock, dance, or krump in the Valley of the Sun? Don't fret. We've got the hook up on what shows you might be interested in attending over the next couple nights and days.

This weekend's offerings include a gig by Dry River Yacht Club in the shadows of Hayden Mill, a chance to check out Detroit punk pioneers Death, or hang with EDM mega-superstar David Guetta.

And if those options don't suit your tastes, hit up our extensive online concert calendar for more choices. In the meantime, here are our picks for the top concerts in Metro Phoenix to see this weekend.

Dry River Yacht Club - Friday, April 4 - Hayden Mill

Local promoter "Psyko" Steve Chilton got many locals abuzz earlier this week when he dropped a major bombshell on his website Tuesday afternoon: The Flaming Lips were going to make a completely impromptu appearance at Dry River Yacht Club's performance this weekend in the shadow of Hayden Mill. And admittedly, it didn't seem totally farfetched (as the band's been know to stage unique outdoor performances in the past). Then, we remembered it was April Fool's Day and our visions of seeing Wayne Coyne and company al fresco along Mill Avenue vanished instantly.

But even without a blockbuster guest star, the event (which celebrates the release of DRYC's fantastic new album El Tigre on vinyl) is worthy of attending. The indie folk/gypsy/world music ensemble is at the top of their game these days, as evidenced by their excellent showing at SXSW, and should offer an enlivened performance in one of the Valley's more unique venues. Jared and the Mill, Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, Some Dark Hollow, and DJ Sean Watson are also scheduled to appear, and artist Matt Castleberry will project his visuals onto the mill building. -- Benjamin Leatherman

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Sheri Jones
Sheri Jones

Oh damn! I want that vinyl! Can't make it tonight though, because I'm performing

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