The Freeze to Play First Show in Two Years

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Gilles Desomberg @ Be-Metal.
The Freeze is scheduled to perform Friday, April 25, Pub Rock in Scottsdale.

Though the lineup certainly has changed a few times over the course of its five-decade career, The Freeze is still performing and preparing to record a new album.

"We are supposed to be recording in July with Jason Newsted from Metallica producing and engineering," says founder, frontman, and only remaining original Clif Hanger. "There will be an album. Whether I'm going to be happy with it or not remains to be seen."

The album is not the only move the seminal Cape Cod-founded, Phoenix-based punks have made in 2014. They also took on a new drummer, Aaron Hjalmarson of The Haymarket Squares, North Brother Island, Manual Sex Drive, and Travis James and the Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists.

"He's really talented for his age, I can't believe he's only 14," Hanger says jokingly about the 21-year-old drummer.

Hjalmarson and Hanger are joined by Eric "Molusk" DeWolf of The Complainiacs on bass, Zach Carmichael on rhythm guitar, and D.B. on lead guitar, a lineup that also has a May 25 date at Punk Rock Bowling music festival in Las Vegas. But before the band heads out, it will testing its mettle with a show in the Valley on April 25. With the show just under a week away Hanger, who can sometimes be found panhandling along the Interstate 17 in Peoria, sat down for a chat with Up on the Sun.

Clif Hanger: You want me to proofread this for you? I haven't misspelled a word in 19 years.

Up on the Sun: We do okay. When someone calls The Freeze a seminal punk band, what does that mean to you?

It means we've probably been around for too long. Seminal bands are usually bands that have been around too long, to me. It means, "Why don't you retire, you old fuck?" That's what it means to me, and I usually agree with them when they say it about other bands.

So you don't agree in your case, you don't think you should retire?

I don't know. Should I? We'll see on the new album. We have to write new songs for it, and it's the first time since 1999 that we have had to write a full album's worth of song material. If I struggle and if I start repeating myself lyrically, especially, and topically, then it's time to
give it up because I made a promise to myself a long time ago -- I'm not going to replicate anything I've written in the past. If I can't come up with new [ideas], I'll just lay it down.

How does a band maintain prominence for 30 years?

We've never really reached any peak, I don't think, so we haven't really had too far to fall when we have fallen. We never signed a major label deal and had to go back to square one. It's just been a slow rise, and that's been to our advantage and disadvantage, but overall advantage.

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Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones

It was left out of the article, but No Gimmick, The Venomous Pinks, Black Thoughts, and Reason Unknown are playing this show too.

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