Record Store Reminiscing: Arguing About Music

Welcome To My Debate, er, Record Store

In the store, things were different.

The biggest music nuts in the world came in day after day. In fact, as the years rolled on and the business model changed, and the lightweights were served up free music, the percentage of music nut to average music fan increased dramatically.

It was a like a petri dish of potential debate. The kind of debate about which I speak.

You see, there's no monikers to hide behind in the store. You've got to get off the fence and stand behind your point.

Were there some customers who didn't feel comfortable debating a music professional (every fellow geek I've ever worked would get a kick of me using that term) about music?


But not many.

Because most people understand that it's not a real argument, and whatever I say isn't right or wrong, it's just an opinion. It's just for fun.

You Say Lennon, I Say McCartney. Let's Call the Whole Thing Great.

So in the store, I would tell you that I do consider McCartney the top Beatle because overall, all of his great solo and Wings songs simply provide me a bigger batch of enjoyable songs and albums than Lennon's catalog.

And then I would shoot down your argument about all the shitty music Paul has made us suffer through by pointing out that Lennon's tragic early death eliminated his chance of making sub-par music in his later years like literally every one of his peers that are still alive (including Paul).

Then you could tell me I'm full of shit, and provided nine reasons why.

And it wouldn't matter, because we'd have a good time debating it and no one would end up being right or wrong (and we'd probably agree that the Lennon/McCartney songwriting team is the greatest in history anyway).

I miss that.

Not enough to reopen the store, but enough to write this column.

Thanks for reading it.

Steve Wiley is Up on the Sun's resident Record Store Geek and Jackalope Ranch's Parent Hood.

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Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy

IMO, it's not either one, it's George.


Well, John did make six (proper) post-Beatle solo records (not including pure experimental stuff and cover songs). Compared to Paul's immediate six post-Beatles records, I'd say John's, on average, are better and more substantive. But yes, together they were unstoppable.

Michael James
Michael James

I think McCartney is more talented, but Lennon's songs were deeper. Would you rather listen to Silly Love Songs or Watching The Wheels?


So,  earlier this week my wife was gone overnight and I got to do something that I rarely do: listen to vinyl through speakers. "Eat a Peach", "The White Album" and "The Fabulous Poodles-Think Pink", an interesting collection from a dollar bin 30 some years ago. 

Oh yeah, on Jimi vs, Eric I would go with Michael Bloomfield.    

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