Paramore Has Staying Power and There's Nothing You Can Do About It

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Courtesy of the band's website
A ghost from my high school years visited me this week. It spoke to me over the radio on a sudden trip home, blasting from tinny speakers in a random storefront.

Staying purposefully out of touch with Top 20 radio, especially the songs that get spun in my hometown, I was shocked to hear what I heard -- Hayley Williams, asking me what I was "gonna do when the world don't orbit around you."

This past week, Paramore, Williams' Nashville-based pop-rock outfit that's celebrating their first full decade together, broke the Top 20 once again with the absurdly infectious "Ain't It Fun," their fourth single off their self-titled release from last April.

Within minutes of hearing the song I had downloaded it -- 23-years-old, windows down, driving home and belting it like I learned to sing again after years of vocal dormancy, on that Little Mermaid tip. Perhaps that's the testament right there to Paramore's staying power -- they are one of the last phenoms of the TRL pop-punk generation, then young enough to slip in the door, old enough to relate to their fans and savvy enough to grow with them.

For those who called Williams too pitchy, who knocked the band for being too theatrical, who said that they were too of the times to really make an lasting impact, the joke's on you.

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Joe Rollins
Joe Rollins

Didn't like half of their original members leave? That doesn't sound like the right moves are being made.

Lion El Hutz
Lion El Hutz

This reads like an apology from their publicist.

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