Miranda Lambert Finds the Time to Reflect

That marriage to fellow neo-country icon Blake Shelton has become something of a tabloid sensation as of late, rife with scandalous accusations made in massive headlines seen by anyone standing in a grocery store checkout line. While this might grind away at any other artist, it seems to have become the right fuel to stoke Lambert's creative output.

She's not fazed by much. If anything, that ability to spin distress or injustice into stories that everyone can relate to, much less sing along to, places her in the pantheon of modern female country acts that should keep the boys shaking in their boots.

There's always been enough twang and spit in her work to keep her at the forefront of the conversation, but on her fifth LP, Platinum, coming out in June, Lambert finally slows down for a look back at the ride thus far.

It's a 16-track magnum opus where "each [song] is important for it to be a complete album," she says. Regardless, she's still singing for just herself. If you like it enough, then get on board with her stories. If not, they're still her tracks, just as effective in front of a mirror as they are in front of a screaming stadium.

"Simply growing in life has given me different perspectives," she says. "To me music is music and doesn't have to be put in one drawer, especially now that country music has gained such popularity, anything from the very traditional sounds to more pop-leaning tracks are all part of our genre -- there is something for everyone." 

Miranda Lambert is scheduled to play Country Thunder 2014 on Saturday, April 12.

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Canyon Moon Ranch Grounds

20585 E. Price Road, Florence, AZ

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Rick Triana
Rick Triana

Do you or does anyone have the schedule? The Country Thunder website just gives the lineup.

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