Miranda Lambert Finds the Time to Reflect

Miranda Lambert is scheduled to perform on Saturday, April 12, at Country Thunder 2014.
In an era of canned, saccharine pop country that's characterized by love songs and songs of love lost, there are few musicians that can make a statement quite as well as Miranda Lambert does.

The Texas native has morphed from reality show contestant into superstar over the last decade, releasing one spitfire country anthem one after another. Speaking her mind came easiest to her through songwriting -- a talent she picked up just four years prior to her limelight introduction on the first season of "Nashville Star," honing her voice in a very short time.

"I realized early on that I needed to sing material that moved me," Lambert says. "At my age then, around 16 or 17, I felt I had to learn to write songs so I could deliver my true feelings about a subject matter."

Developing that ability to translate heady emotions into pop-friendly formats has become the hallmark of Lambert's career. Songs like "Gunpowder And Lead" and "All Kinds Of Kinds," which deal with spousal abuse and universal acceptance, respectively, have managed to catch the attention of the mainstream while having enough growl to please country fans. Exploring themes such as those came with could only come with life experience and observation, however.

"I think my twenties were are great ride of learning new things, growing into adulthood," she says.  "[I was] making a home for myself, getting married, starting a foundation, solidifying friendships."

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Rick Triana
Rick Triana

Do you or does anyone have the schedule? The Country Thunder website just gives the lineup.

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