10 Things We Learned at McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2014

Benjamin Leatherman
David Phipps of STS9

2. STS9 Can Literally Make a Chilly Night Warmer

I don't know if they had super-hot stage lights, warmers in the crowd, or maybe they are just pure magic. But Sound Tribe's set seemed to literally make the venue feel warmer. Their tunes are like taking a futuristic journey into the sun that had the whole crowd rolling whether they were on drugs or not.

Their set encompassed huge waves of sound that at points were overwhelming, at points was soft and soothing. But was dancy and jammy all throughout. The Tribe is another clear example of the festival making a statement that they are and will always be the Valley's premier jam band event.

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Melissa Fossum
Ben Harper (right) and Charlie Musselwhite

1. What STS9 Did for Making the Festival Warmer, Charlie Musselwhite and Ben Harper Did for Making It Cooler.

The silky-smooth duo and their backing band brought the most pure blues to the festival on either stage. You've got to be a cool cat to play the blues and Harper and Musselwhite are two of the coolest. Their set, which had a very solid turn out, was mostly comprised of tracks off their recent grammy award winning album. Although the two legendary musicians did play their own solo stuff a well.

Their set was a lot like the other side of the pillow, which might be a good way to sum up the entire festival. Lat year MMMF heated things up with some mainstream headliners. THen this year they chilled things back down with traditional jam band favorites.

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So awesome that MMMF had such an awesome diverse lienup this year! By far the best festival in Arizona with its professional production and music selection. Doesn't get better than having banging hip hop electric with gramatik and then followed by out of this world psychedelic jamming with STS9 with it's opening day. Then chilled out with then next few days of solid jams from slightly stoopid and disco biscuits. Thank you MMMF for bringing this to the Arizona music scene! Looking forward to next year!

Kyle Day
Kyle Day

Carl Momberger - Deschutes participates in the festival because of their willingness to contribute their product/time/marketing to the festival charity organizations. And the beer is fantastic!!!

Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy

It's just too bad the founder of this festival couldn't keep the Compound Grill open. Great place for a show.

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