10 Things We Learned at McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2014

Benjamin Leatherman
Gramatik onstage at MMMF

9. Jam Band Fans Really Like EDM

Obviously, The Disco Biscuits set was well-liked and well-attended, but one that caught us by surprise was Gramatik. Not only did he draw a ton of obvious raver-type EDM kids, but he had the grandparent aged tie dye clad, straw hat wearing crowd dancing along as well.

If you were not aware EDM has become a legitimate music genre,one that even encompases a bunch of sub genres. WIth it becoming a legitimate genre, it is also starting to entice fans who are not part of the EDM bubble. With the repetition and grooves of most electronic-infused acts it seems like a no-brainer that deadhead types would be attracted to that brand of music.

I always considered Pretty Lights an electronic jam band anyway.

Benjamin Leatherman

8. Jam Bands Are an Acquired Taste, That, Once Acquired, Become Truly Beautiful

Of course, it's great to listen to punchy bands with an aggressive style and well-structured songs, but with brevity it's easy to miss things. With jam bands, the sets and songs are usually really long, which allowing for a better relaxation-to-participation ratio. The two-hour sets make it so patrons can get up close and dance when the feeling calls them or hang back with friends on a blanket without ever missing anything important.

The overwhelmingly social festival also made it easy for festivalgoers to leave their stuff for hours at a time without it being bothered. At a festival where everyone has the time to share a greeting and enjoy the music, who wants to steal from someone they may be sharing a drink (or something stronger) later in the evening. Speaking of which . . .

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So awesome that MMMF had such an awesome diverse lienup this year! By far the best festival in Arizona with its professional production and music selection. Doesn't get better than having banging hip hop electric with gramatik and then followed by out of this world psychedelic jamming with STS9 with it's opening day. Then chilled out with then next few days of solid jams from slightly stoopid and disco biscuits. Thank you MMMF for bringing this to the Arizona music scene! Looking forward to next year!

Kyle Day
Kyle Day

Carl Momberger - Deschutes participates in the festival because of their willingness to contribute their product/time/marketing to the festival charity organizations. And the beer is fantastic!!!

Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy

It's just too bad the founder of this festival couldn't keep the Compound Grill open. Great place for a show.

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