8 Cover Songs Made Famous by Jason Aldean

"The Truth"

Two years after Relentless rose to #1 on the country charts, Aldean released his next album, Wide Open, and from it came the platinum single "The Truth". A slower introspective plea to his girlfriend, "The Truth" has a distinctive love ballad tone that Aldean embraces more and more in his later career, while still carrying that tell-tale drawl.

"The Truth" was originally heard on the Trent Willmon album Broken In, in 2008. Aldean has stated in the past that he wanted to record his own version of the song as soon as he heard it.


Just for the hell of it, I'm including this pretty cool live rendition that Aldean did of Kid Rock's 1999 mega-hit. Although Aldean's not the only country fried musician to cover the song (as both Kenny Chesney and Uncle Kracker have their own versions), he occasionally trots it out at concerts to the delight of his crowds and is buddies with the Detroit rap-rocker. Hell, Kid Rock himself joined Aldean onstage back in 2011 to perform the chart-topper.

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