Easton Corbin Keeps It Simple and Stays Effective

Easton Corbin is scheduled to perform on Friday, April 11, at Country Thunder 2014 in Florence.
Country music is all about the storyline, and the path of least resistance, lyrically speaking, often makes for the best tales-turned-songs. Easton Corbin, the Floridian behind hits like "All Over The Road" and "A Little More Country Than That," is a man familiar with this model, using it to his and his fans' advantages since his debut in 2010.

While he still considers himself a newcomer, he speaks with the concise precision of a weathered professional -- after all, Corbin has moved over 2 million singles in four years. While this year is his first time to Country Thunder, he's a road dog that works best on a large stage setting, putting his aw-shucks charm and melodic sensibilities on display on a grand scale. We spoke to Corbin ahead of his set at Country Thunder this Friday.

There's been a lot of teasing and buildup to your third record, Clockwork, with your surprise album cover release and whatnot, so the anticipation is pretty strong. What can fans expect from the new record?

Honestly, when it comes down to look for songs for these records, you gotta find stuff that means something to you, that you really love. I always use the same process -- that's the process every time I cut these records. I love traditional country music, and from this record you can expect that I've grown even more as an upcoming artist, I've kept growing, but they're songs in that country stable because that's what I love and that's what I do.

Talk me through the moment where you realized that your country career was finally reaching a peak, that you had broken through to the other side.

I feel like as far as the peak goes, one of the brightest moments for me that told me 'Oh, wow, I'm here,' was just playing the Grand Ol' Opry. That's a special thing and a great honor and it was always a dream of mine, so that's the big moment for me, the first time I played the Opry. I just feel really blessed to be here and I've met a lot of great people, made a lot of contacts with a lot of great people, and I think that's the biggest thing: People around me decided to give me a chance. That's really what it takes, that person or those people that believe in you. I was just really blessed and fortunate to have that.

On the other side of that coin, what's proven to be the biggest challenge thus far in your career?

Man, that's a good question -- probably the travel and stuff out there, you know, sometimes it gets tough being away from home. It's a lot of fun, don't get me wrong, you have a lot of fun and I really enjoy traveling, but sometimes you get to missing home a little bit. Especially the family down in Florida -- my grandparents are getting older, stuff like that, and I like to get down to see then when I can but I don't have the chance to do that very often.

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Canyon Moon Ranch Grounds

20585 E. Price Road, Florence, AZ

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