The Band Perry, Easton Corbin - Country Thunder - 4/11/14

The Band Perry.

By the time the Band Perry's performance was ready to kick off, Country Thunder attendees were packed into the main stage standing grounds tightly. Even with little to no room to move around, the guys still found a way to break out a swing dance or two-step routine with their ladies -- even if it meant plowing over other patrons.

Kimberly Perry along with her two brothers, Neil and Reid, charged out onto the stage as the brightly lit screens behind them welcomed the trio to Arizona. The giant video screens on either side of the main stage, which had streamed all the evening's performances, came back to life, making it easy for people all around the festival grounds to get a glimpse of the band. The three musicians were bouncing around and full of energy as they wasted no time before tearing into their 2013 single "Done."

Kimberly Perry

Kimberly's voice is every bit as fantastically smooth and powerful in a live setting as it is on their records. She showed off those vocal chops during an onslaught of hit songs to open the show while she danced around and flipped her hair. Her crowd draw is equally as powerful -- they filled the silence in between songs with monstrous roars and cheers and shouted every word to "You Lie" at her command.

Partway through their performance, Kimberly told the crowd that one thing she has learned about Arizona is that there are "a lot of free spirits out this direction." The audience loudly agreed, and after all three siblings took turns telling the fans about being judged in the past, they encouraged everyone to always be themselves and stay free before playing "I'm a Keeper."

From left: Reid Perry, Kimberly Perry, and Neil Perry.

Their stage energy never ceased throughout the evening, and the highlight of the performance came toward the end of their set when they dedicated the song "Pioneer" to America. They led into it with an instrumental rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" and closed the song out with Kimberly transitioning into "Amazing Grace." Soon after their patriotic celebration, they threw in an awesome cover of "Fat Bottom Girls," just to spark the crowd into dancing again.

After playing the hit "Don't Let Me Be Lonely", the band left the stage, but every show has its encore and the Band Perry is no different. They soon came back for two more No. 1 singles, "If I Die Young" and "Better Dig Two."

Critic's Notebook:

Last Night: Country Thunder 2014 in Florence, AZ

The Crowd: Country fans as far as the eye could see. With the recent heat wave this week, there were lots and lots of bikinis parading the grounds. ... But the problem with that: way too many shirtless bros peacocking around with their muscles flexed.

Overheard in the Crowd: A young girl, who appeared intoxicated and had a GoPro strapped to her head, shouted to her friends, "I'm going in." Her footage may be on YouTube soon. Stay tuned.

Also Overheard in the Crowd: Multiple young girls sweet talking guys into buying beer for them.

Personal Bias: Call it my own ignorance, but I was shocked at how many country hits that I've heard on the radio are actually from the Band Perry. I guess I never put it together.

Tricked by a Redneck: As I wandered the grounds, I ran across a man in a motorized wheelchair with a confederate flag mounted on the back. He sat there toting his beer can high in the air and when a friend of his passed by he stood up and walked over to give him a hug.

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Canyon Moon Ranch Grounds

20585 E. Price Road, Florence, AZ

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