Local Songwriter Christie Huff's Music Video Makes It Into G.I. Film Festival

Joe Hardwick
Mesa's Christie Huff made a music video that will be shown at a film festival in Washington, D.C.

Being a local singer/songwriter is never easy, especially at the age when one needs to decide whether to attend college or focus full-time on music. However, 19-year-old Christie Huff has found motivation to move ahead with music. A music video for one of her songs made it into a film festival in the nation's capital.

Huff's "Soldier Song" will appear May 24 during the "Heroes From Each Generation" film block at the G.I. Film Festival in Washington. Mark Fletcher, with whom Huff has collaborated on her other music videos, produced the video and found director Jacob Lees Johnson to work with them as well.

The video tells a World War II-era love story of a young man and woman separated when the man must leave for war. The video details the woman's emotional struggle as she tries to stay connected to her loved one. Actual footage of soldiers returning home appears at the end of the video.

"Working with everyone was really smooth," Huff says. "I feel like we all had the same vision for where we wanted the video to go. Everyone involved in making the video was very passionate about the project."

After submitting the video for this song to multiple video contests and having no luck, she struck gold upon submitting it to the G.I. Film Festival. She will be traveling to D.C. to premiere the video.

Not bad for the first song she ever wrote.

"I didn't really realize how big of a deal it was until I looked more into it," Huff says. "I feel so honored to be chosen for it. It's really cool, I'm really excited!"

Seeing her friend's husband leave for war provided the song's inspiration. Huff saw a love story she could tell others. She tends to find her inspiration in this way -- through stories that she sees around her and through movies. She admits that she doesn't have much experience with relationships, which is why she looks to movies to help her when writing songs about that area of life.

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