Cassadee Pope on The Voice Dynamics, Embracing Silence and Gut Instincts

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Cassadee Pope is scheduled to perform at Country Thunder 2014 on Friday, April 11.
You may know Cassadee Pope in one of three incarnations: There's the former frontwoman of Warped Tour pop-punk outfit Hey Monday, the winner of NBC sing-off show "The Voice," or the country act with a gigantic range and a penchant for breaking records only previously set by one Ms. Taylor Swift. Whatever facet of hers you're familiar with though, Cassadee Pope is an Los Angeles-by-West Palm Beach artist that's taken an atypical route with an au natural approach -- if you just go to the heart of country music, good music will follow.

"With a lot of sessions that I've been in elsewhere, [it's] just not that natural," she says. "It starts off with a drum loop, or someone's already made a track and they kind of leave the room and let you write on top of it. That, to me, is much harder, it's not as organic. Nashville does it the way that I think it's been done for so many years and that's why it works so well."

Taking on a Southern mindset, at least in terms of her writing style, has done wonders for Pope and helped to establish her stance in country music. "Wasting All These Tears," her debut solo single, has been certified platinum and her debut LP, 2013's Frame By Frame, dropped at #1 on the Billboard US Country chart. Pope's prizes have come at a price, though: Many feel that she doesn't deserve such rewards with "The Voice" having been her launching pad.

"[People say] more-established artists like myself and a lot of other people on the show shouldn't be doing 'The Voice,' they should be giving the people with no experience or people that haven't had any opportunities the opportunity now," she explains. "I wish people would think about that a little more before they say things because the people that been through the grinder and that have been at it for a long time, like myself, we have a lot more to lose than the kids that haven't had a chance yet."

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