Baths' Will Wiesenfeld Would Rather Make Electronic Pop Than Tour

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Will Wiesenfeld, if nothing else, is a musician who is acutely aware of many things. Specifically, Wiesenfeld knows who he is: Focused on the concept ahead of him, he's unyielding to anyone's artistic input but a select few individuals, he has produced some of the most buzzed-about electronic pop records this side of an Animal Collective release over the past four years, and he's about to turn 25 out on the road -- not a place he necessarily wants to be. He plays under the named Baths, and you may know his work already.

That's not to say that Wiesenfeld is ungrateful. Rather, as Baths, he knows what he wants and how to make it, but the rigor of the road life might not gel best with his interests. The music he makes is emotive if nothing else, able to take you from the spacey and syrupy highs of 2010's Cerulean to the darkness of last year's critically-acclaimed Obsidian, yet it's content that's better suited to isolation in terms of both consumption and production.

"I understand it's my means of income and all of that, and it's fun playing the shows when I actually play them but the grind of the thing itself is inescapable," Wiesenfeld explains. "It just kind of gets to you."

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