Andrew Jackson Jihad to Perform a Surprise Set at Trunk Space on Sunday

Andrew Jackson Jihad's homecoming is certainly befitting of the theme of Trunk Space's Indie 500 series (which fetes the venue's 10th birthday this week), since its already featured many of the bands and musicians who have called the place home for the past decade.

Andrew Jackson Jihad, however, is arguably the biggest alumnus of Trunk Space. In fact, the history of the band and the venue has been intertwined since both were born in 2004. AJJ had some of their first gigs at Trunk Space, back when they were strictly in the folk-punk vein, and took to its tiny triangular stage on countless occasions in their early years.

The Jihad has evolved its sound over the last decade, expanded its roster, released their records on an increasingly bigger series of indie labels (most recently with SideOneDummy), and earned a growing amount of attention from the indie music world.

And while their Trunk Space gigs have gotten few and far between over the years, Bonnette and Gallaty haven't forgotten the venue. (In fact, the latter musician is helping to get the venue's new coffee bar up and running.) And Sunday evening's show will be proof of that.

Here's hoping we get to hear such throwback AJJ songs (and Trunk Space favorites) as "Bad Bad Things," "People II: The Reckoning," and "Personal Space Invader," as well as their new stuff.

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Trunk Space

1506 Grand Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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Jason Nosaj
Jason Nosaj

I thought it was going to be George Moshington :-|

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