Viva PHX: YACHT, Nite Jewel, Painted Palms, Bogan Via - Crescent Ballroom - 3/7/14

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Viva PHX attendees at the Crescent Ballroom last night.

Painted Palms
If you like super-stoned Weezer rock by way of The Cure, then Painted Palms might be your new favorite band. I knew nothing about this quartet before last night, but because San Francisco psychedelic garage rock is my favorite thing aside from LSD, I was definitely intrigued. Unfortunately, most of Painted Palms' set was sluggish and feeble. They tried to cut through something I think was a cover and followed up with a jangly, jungle jam that was somewhere between Blink 182 and Vampire Weekend. No, that is not a compliment.

After a synthy rendition of something resembling "Hash Pipe," the band threw themselves into an energetic cut filled with tension, drama and extended riffs. It redeemed everything previous about their lackluster set. It makes sense -- save your best song for last. But something tells me if you're biggest surprise is waiting in the wings, you should just copy and paste it a few times. Trust me, no one will notice. But you know -- just tease out that fever, it'll do you good.

Nite Jewel onstage at Crescent Ballroom last night.

Nite Jewel

I saw Nite Jewel on Halloween at Crescent a few years back and I felt really bad for the band. Because it was Ghoul's Night, everyone was dressed up and more interested in getting wasted than seeing the group perform. It didn't help that the show was free, allowing any random schmuck to come in.

And so dozens of costumed freaks stood front and center, chatting, texting and looking into their beers while Nite Jewel performed. You could see it in their eyes -- they knew the gig was a bust.


But Nite Jewel is a pretty good band and so I'm glad I got to see them in front of an audience that actually gave a shit. Wait, never mind, wrong venue. Whatever the lead singer of Nite Jewel's name is, she did a completely solo set and no seemed the least bit interested. Again.

Maybe Nite Jewel is trying too hard to be like Cults or a dozen other similar bands. Phantogram to Beach House to Lower Dens. Maybe when Nite Jewel mentioned something about a Grand Theft Auto V-themed song, no one batted an eye because the game is boring or something. But I don't care, because I like them and I think Nite Jewel is pretty music.

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Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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