Viva PHX: Four Local Bands Worth Checking Out

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Zero Zero photo by Susan Jordan Anderson

This Friday's Viva PHX Music Festival, which takes over downtown Phoenix for a night, won't just feature popular national bands tearing it up on 14 Valley stages. Included in the lineup of more than 70 musical acts are some of the most notable local bands to represent the Valley. As you navigate your way through the festival map, here are four standouts to put on your radar.

Zero Zero

The side project of The Love Me Nots' husband-and-wife team Nicole Laurenne and Michael Johnny Walker, electro-pop band Zero Zero is growing along with their fan base, with the addition of bassist Lindsey Bair and drummer Scottie White of Crusher Sound System and The Drunken Immortals.

The group will debut a new track, "Suffer," during its 11 p.m. set at Last Exit Live, along with music from its new album, Plus One, on local label 80/20 Records.. The album contains live music from a 2013 Last Exit Live performance, along with a new studio track called "You Know What 2 Do," of which the video depicts creepy Nerf gun attacks set to a hypnotic melody.

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Way to lazily fill your article quota. There are many other more obscure bands you couldve spotlighted other than dry river who is in your paper every week. Cool. Also, is Bogan Via even still local? They're listed as being from LA on the event poster... hmm....

Charlotte Bohnett
Charlotte Bohnett

These bands are great, but a local band definitely not to miss at Viva PHX is Brock Lefferts's A Cloud For Climbing. He'll be performing at Bar Smith. He is instrumental awesomeness.

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