Viva PHX: A Guide for the Over-40 Crowd

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Z-Trip is scheduled to perform at 11 p.m. on Friday outside of Crescent Ballroom.
With age comes wisdom. Like the common sense notion that the best way to tackle an event as big and complex as tonight's Viva PHX music festival is to have a plan, and a good one at that.

And given the sheer number of bands and venues involved (more than 70, in fact, spread out across 15 different stages around downtown Phoenix), there might be certain logistical problems for the over-40 set. There are so many great acts, yet so little time, and a certain amount of distance to travel between gigs. Good thing we have a few tips and where you should be and when.

Face it, you're not a teenager anymore, and this ain't Lollapalooza 1991. Even for those who haven't settled down or started doing the family thing yet, there isn't as much pep in your step as there used to be, which isn't a low blow by any means. It's the truth.

You might be in great shape with cat-like reflexes, but that doesn't mean you have time to waste on bands you might not enjoy or care about. You simply cannot be in two places at once, and for those who may not get out as much as they'd like, we've got you covered.

First off, as with any festival where walking is de rigueur, we recommend you put on some comfy yet stylish shoes and hydrate all day before the show (especially since you're likely to knock a few back over the course of the evening). And secondly, be sure to make use of not only the light rail whenever possible, as well as any of the myriad pedicabs that will be flitting about.

What follows is a rundown of suggested venues and acts to check out in order to ensure your rock will be maximized while you roll through downtown.

5 p.m.: The Vig Fillmore
Some of you will want to show up on time so that you can say you were at Viva PHX from the very beginning, while others will arrive fashionably late. Our advice: get to The Vig early. You're completely in your element here, rubbing shoulders with others in a similar age bracket, and snag snazzy drink or craft beer that screams, "I read relevant magazines."

The Zubia Brothers are icons of local music, fantastically talented, and more than capable of rocking your socks off. The Vig also offers tasty eats, so of show up early enough, you get there early, you can get both some grub and some groove on.

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