Viva PHX: A Look Back at the Downtown Phoenix Music Festival

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Melissa Fossum
The Neighborhood performs on the Central Avenue Stage at CityScape during Viva PHX on Friday. See more photos from our slideshow.
Downtown Phoenix definitely came alive this past weekend. The various sidewalks were packed with people, activity, and -- most importantly -- the sound of live music wafting from more than a dozen different venues, nightspots, and locations that comprised the Viva PHX music festival on Friday night.

Music lovers, scenesters, urbanites, and downtown denizens made their way around to any of the 15 different stages scattered within blocks of each other to partake in the feast of sounds that was served up by the lineup of more than 65 different bands and artists both touring and local.

There was a heaping helping of hip-hop outside of the Crescent Ballroom, for instance, as rap legend Sir Mix-A-Lot shared a stage with hip-hop gurus Blackalicious and Murs, as well as scratch king and Z-Trip. Meanwhile, the ever-quirky YACHT performed inside the venue along with fellow indie/pop acts Nite Jewel, Painted Palms, and Bogan Via.

Elsewhere, The Neighbourhood was making 'em scream at CityScape, garage rockers and punkers like Petty Things and Wolvves were going all out in an alleyway, and PigPen Theatre Co. was plucking up a storm at the Hotel San Carlos.

The scribes and photographers of Up on the Sun were all over downtown during the festival captured as much of the activity of the festival as possible. Check out our rundown of what we witnessed, as well as our video recap above, of the night that was Viva PHX.

Melissa Fossum
Rob Crow of Pinback performs at Viva PHX on Friday. See more photos via our slideshow.

The Neighbourhood, Pinback, Kitten, The Technicolors at CityScape

While it was expected to be one of the most diverse lineups of any stage at Friday night's Viva Phoenix Festival, the CityScape main stage offered up rock performance after rock performance. Local darlings The Technicolors, L.A. showstoppers Kitten, indie mainstays Pinback and the princes of the evening in The Neighbourhood trudged through technical difficulties while each put their spin on a riotous live show...Read More

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1 E. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ

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Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

Hotel San Carlos

202 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

Bar Smith

130 E. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

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Paul Falsone
Paul Falsone

Ticket purchasing lines and lines into venues were really bad. Z Trip crushed it as usual. Seemed like a success. The price of tickets were good. Different start times/start earlier, go later.

Jeff Kee
Jeff Kee

A better headliner, The Neighbourhood was disappointing.

Ângëlìnå Êscøbår
Ângëlìnå Êscøbår

Similar to street scene in San Diego. Great to see downtown PHX more like a "downtown" should be. Filled with people

Kip Dean
Kip Dean

No reportage on Chicano Batman.  Bummer too as they were great.  Sometimes I wonder why I look at the NT.

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