Top 5 Metro Phoenix Concerts This Weekend

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Gary Numan - Saturday, March 8 - Marquee Theatre

The title of Gary Numan's excellent new record, Splinter: Songs from a Broken Mind, tells you all need to know about where the former New Wave hitmaker has been recently. "I was on medication for about two and a half years, maybe three," Numan says of his significant battle with depression. "In that time, I didn't write anything -- not a single song, as far as I can remember. It was only when I came off the tablets that my old drive came back. The old me came back, I suppose." Indeed, the "old me" is back on the hauntingly personal Splinter, a record as dark, spooky, and brilliant as anything in Numan's solo catalog, which dates back to 1979's The Pleasure Principle and the smash single "Cars." Fans of vintage Numan, still possessing one of the more distinctive voices in rock, will be happy to hear he mixes up his shows quite a bit. "I choose songs that are still relevant from the older catalog [and] that work well beside the newer ones, to try and keep the entire set powerful and aggressive." -- Tom Reardon

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