Top 5 Concerts in Phoenix This Week

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Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks are scheduled to perform on Tuesday, April 1, at Crescent Ballroom.

Want to get in a show this week? There are plenty of concerts over the next five days around Metro Phoenix to choose from, as you can see for yourself by viewing our extensive online concert listings.

And we're fairly certain that there's something for everyone, regardless of your particular tastes.

Odesza - Tuesday, April 1 - Rhythm Room

The origin of this Seattle electronic music duo's name is haunting. It was the name of a ship owned by band member Harrison Mills' uncle. The boat saw a tragic end by sinking, drowning everyone aboard except for Mills' uncle and one other crew member. A bit of that enigmatic history weaves through the ephemeral melodies created by Mills and the other half of team Odesza, Clayton Knight. The two producers met early on in college, eventually teaming up during their senior year.

Songs like "Today" from their 2012 debut LP, Summer's Gone, highlight how the pair uses dreamy, dulcet melodies as foundations throughout its tunes. Atop that base of sweetness are synths, crunchy drum beats that sound like raining glass, and expansive waves of groove-inviting bass -- whether it's a hopped-up energetic track or a slower, hypnotic tune. Frenzied, pitch-y, soulful vocal samples and snippets also are often present in Odesza tunes. The vocals intensify the depth, but the music never feels dependent on them. Currently, the duo is touring in support of their latest EP, My Friends Never Die, five tracks also available separately on a remixed version of the recording. -- Amy Young

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Jared Slaff
Jared Slaff

Jes @ Cake Scottsdale this Saturday night..!


This is the show to see this week.

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