Toadies, Supersuckers, BattleMe - Crescent Ballroom - 3/19/14

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Jessica Obert
Toadies onstage Wednesday night at Crescent Ballroom. See more photos from the concert via our slideshow.

Toadies, Supersuckers, BattleMe
Crescent Ballroom

A seriously epic show went down Wednesday night at Crescent Ballroom, courtesy of Toadies and friends.

It was the first show of the alt-rock band's current tour, which is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its kick-ass debut album, Rubberneck, and includes two Northwest-by-way-of-the-Southwest bands, Supersuckers and BattleMe. There was definite buzz in the air before the show even started, which is always nice on a Wednesday night, and things got off to an energetic start.

Portland's BattleMe got things rolling with a multi-layered approach to rock 'n' roll. They kind of reminded me of that old song that Donny and Marie Osmond used to sing about being a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n' roll, except with BattleMe, it's more like a little bit indie and a little bit stoner rock. It's a really cool blend, though, and the decent crowd in the Crescent seemed to dig them.

Though there was nothing super-original going on with them, they were not overly familiar, either. Solid players all-around and most importantly, they seemed genuine happy to be on tour with the Toadies.

Thought I would definitely give BattleMe another chance, I think I'm pretty much done with the Supersuckers after seeing them for the first time. They were mildly entertaining, but to be honest, I think I prefer my revved-up rock 'n' roll to be served by their fellow Seattle punk 'n' rollers Zeke or (REO) Speedealer, if given the chance.

I feel for Supersuckers, actually, because it definitely has to suck getting blown away by Toadies every night on tour after you (even jokingly) proclaimed yourself to be the greatest rock band in the world.

It's part of their shtick but it's more of a turn-off than turn-on. I did enjoy their cover of Depeche Mode's "Never Let Me Down Again" quite a bit, though, and their set definitely seemed to pick up after they played it. The crowd seemed to really love the Supersuckers and the affection was clearly mutual, so let the hate mail rain, I suppose. I just didn't dig it.

I'm glad that they don't take themselves very seriously, and their off-stage demeanor definitely suggested that they're decent dudes, but this night was owned by Toadies.

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I may just have to do that, legalpool. Supersuckers were always one those bands that just eluded me and I've never ended up at one of their shows before or listened to their tunes.



Will see the show in SF when they are here this Sunday.  Can't wait to see the Toadies!  They are still at the top of their game after so many years and still putting out great music.

Also have to say - give the Supersuckers another chance.  I think they distill rock music down to its core essence.  Play hard, don't take yourself too seriously, and have fun!  One of my all time favorite bands. 

Brent Craddock
Brent Craddock

I'd like to see this show again after a few weeks from now when all the acts are super hot. Although it was an excellent show you could definitely tell it was the opening night of the tour.

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