St. Vincent and Noveller - Orpheum Theatre - 3/18/14

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Photos by Melissa Fossum
St. Vincent at Orpheum Theatre last night. See more photos from our slideshow.

St. Vincent & Noveller
Orpheum Theatre

Downtown Phoenix's Orpheum Theatre is kind of a surreal place, as the stunning concert hall blends both the past and present in grand fashion. And St. Vincent deserved to perform at no other venue in town, as her show on Tuesday evening was steeped in both classical and modern elements.

Brooklyn-based experimental act Noveller.

After Noveller -- a one-woman guitar surgeon from Brooklyn who uses loop pedals to create an orchestral sound -- opened, a robotic voice politely asked the audience to refrain from recording the event digitally. And surprisingly, the crowd actually listened and everyone wound up standing in their seats and danced, spending the evening in the moment, instead of wondering what people online would think.

Annie Clark, better known to the music world as St. Vincent, opened with "Rattlesnake," the opening track on her self-titled fourth album. She quivered across the stage, her legs always stiff as she attacked her guitar with butcher knife precision. She followed with "Digital Witness," a song that mocks the addiction to talking about oneself online, like those who feel that if you can't tweet it, Instagram it, or Facebook it, it's like it never happened.

St. Vincent

It's been over a year since I've been to a show that banned devices, and I forgot how powerful that feels. I almost never use my phone during a set, but when there's darkness all around you as well, it brings the experience out in a totally different way. The experience felt shared and I was really happy to find myself among such a good crowd. The value of being present and in the moment wasn't lost on us and that gives me hope for the future.

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Orpheum Theatre

203 W. Adams St., Phoenix, AZ

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Chad Barker
Chad Barker

Yes, it was amazing. Still blown away.

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