Small Leaks Sink Ships, Leonardo DiCapricorn, Snake! Snake! Snakes!, Playboy Manbaby - Parliament - 3/28/14

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Ben Garcia
Small Leaks Sink Ships performs at Parliament last night.
Small Leaks Sink Ships, Leonardo DiCapricorn, Snake!Snake!Snakes!, Playboy Manbaby

Lately, I've been choosing the shows I go to based on a certain criteria. The first is that I must see something new, the second is that I want to see a band I haven't seen in a while, the third is that I want to check in on a band's growth and progress and the fourth is that I want to see a band I absolutely love. Most nights I'm satisfied if I get three out of four, but last night I got all four.

I had to pick my shows wisely last night and I banked on Rubber Brother Records to provide me with the most band for my buck at Parliament. Some nights you're throwing the dice and I know there were a lot of good shows going on, but none of them had Small Leaks Sink Ships headlining and that was the deal sealer.

Until last night I had never seen Leonardo DiCapricorn. I had certainly heard the buzz about them and many had told me that I would love them and they were pretty much spot on. I got there late and thought I would miss their set completely, but luckily shows often run behind at Parliament from the get go and I like that.

It reminds me of the days when I first started writing about local music when if you showed up on time, you were way to early. I must have seen most of their set and I was impressed by their blend of punk, funk an rap. I also love to see a mosh pit, whether I'm in it or not, I have a problem with people in this town not dancing at shows, mostly because I feel compelled to most of the time. So when I walk into a standing room only Parliament and there is a mosh pit happening, a great sensation of well being washes over me.

My favorite song of the night was "Red Panda" which will play in my head for at least the next week, while closing with "Firetruck" was brilliant as well. And if you think their originals are good, check out their live version of Eminem's "Lose Yourself", a brilliant rendition that was as tongue in cheek as it was legit.

KC Libman
Snake! Snake! Snakes!

A band I haven't seen in a while. Snake!Snake!Snakes! is a band that has transmogrified over the years and I for one love their new direction. First of all, bringing in Dan Tripp on searing guitar was a capital idea and they rage harder than they ever have before. I look forward to the recordings they produce from this era of their existence, because I think they are going to be killer.

So, how do they sound now? It's like psychotic surf music for the apocalyptic generation. They also inspired several mosh pits and I was glad to see it. I love the sound of old Snakes! but the new sound they are generating is so much more phenomenal, so much more rock'n'roll that it just appeals to my aural senses.

Tonight, I have to admit that they came across as an updated version of a modern Arizonan rendition of the Jesus and Mary Chain, a band that basically took surf music and drove it to a psychotic, feedback laden edge. Songs like "I Want Your Blood" are brilliant, I'm not sure what's going on with Jonathan Messenger, but his songwriting has escalated to an entirely different level. Nevertheless, I'll be trying to catch every show I see them on, because tonight's performance was absolutely searing.

A band I want to check in on their growth and progress. I have written about Playboy Manbaby a lot and it's because I find them one of the most fascinating acts in the entire Phoenix metro area. I love them in no uncertain terms and I feel like they are going places, like they could leapfrog to the front of the line at any moment and most of that is based on what I see in their live performances.

One of the things I love is that Robby Pfeiffer is the lead singer, and he also happens to be one of the founders of Rubber Brother Records and there is a distinct Greg Ginn/SST Records vibe about that which I love. Not only is this guy snatching up every band that shows promise in this town for cassette releases, but he's also fronting one of the best of them.

I have to say honestly that it was one of the best sets I've seen Playboy Manbaby deliver, filled with new and familiar tunes, the packed house crowd raged to the set and rightfully so. I have to admit one thing of note is that the Chad Dennis (Instructions) ,on drums now, really seems to tie the band together into a cohesive juggernaut of greatness and several friends commented on that. Everything was right tonight and their vibe was simply devoured by the crowd beyond compare. It was the last of the mosh pits, but the standing room only crowd remained for what was next -- a band I absolutely love.

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