Slug from Atmosphere: "We've Grown Past the Underground Rap Identity Crisis"

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You guys are more grassroots as opposed to mainstream Kanye West.

Yes, but we connect to that as well. He comes off as caring so much that it appears he doesn't' care. He loves what he does so much and is so into what he's doing that it gives people the impression that he doesn't care about anything. That's a very interesting fascinating place to be.

I feel like that's a place where...there's elements to that that all of humanity could benefit from, in the sense that it's maybe like, embracing your insecurity to the point where you are secure with those insecurities. You don't care what people are thinking. So I'm not trying to draw a line between us in mainstream, you know. We used to play underground shows and the audience was full of people who were making mad statements. Like, don't step on my shoes or stand next to me. It wasn't about love or about people happy to be in a room together.

We've been fortunate enough to grow beyond that as a couple of artists. We've grown past the underground rap identity crisis. And that is why we can play shows with punk bands and reggae bands.

Can you tell me about the track "Kanye West"?

No spoilers!

So can you tell me anything about Southsiders?

Sure, but I don't give interpretations no matter what even after it comes out. My interpretation tends to not be as interesting as yours. I don't want to pull the curtain back because often your perception is far more grand than mine was. I prefer to let the songs breathe on their own. I don't want anyone, or force anyone, to have that same relationship with the material that I have.

What are a few of your favorite tracks on the album?

You know, the majority of the album is pretty close to my heart because they are very personal. The first single "Bitter" is more of a logic song than a personal or emotional song. Um, But the majority of the album I would suggest is very personal. But that's not necessarily awkward or odd. I think people are accepting of that from us. I don't know what our strength is. I don't know why we haven't been fired yet from our jobs? But I'm happy to continue it.

My favorite song is probably "Fortunate." But I don't know how to explain what the song is about. It's me musing on where I'm at in my life. And not so much in a way that is excluding the listener. It's more of a song talking about how the listener is fortunate; not because you're hearing the music; but because you're hear and you can listen to anybody's music. You can do anything. You're fortunate. We all have a tendency to put life on a pedestal and we probably shouldn't do that. Life doesn't do that to us. Rather than putting life on a pedestal I think this song is maybe...I can explain it by's musing on how I feel about being alive. To be fair, 95 percent of my material could fit under that description.

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Marco Cruz
Marco Cruz

underground? really? they never were from the start. more like same ground. if you are on the same level as the shit reporters report on, you arent underground. garden block. rest in piss.

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