Slightly Stoopid's Miles Doughty on Beach Life, Tour Life, and Taking Control of Their Destiny

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Few bands remain as succinctly Californian and categorically challenging as San Diego's Slightly Stoopid. Signed to the late Bradley Nowell's Skunk Records in 1995, they're an act that's been a signed Golden State institution for almost 20 years, carving out their niche by pulling together a variety of genres into a melding that's all their own. Having been road dogs for the entirety of their career, even after two decades, they still wouldn't have it any other way, tribulations and personalities aside.

"You can't be lazy as a touring artist," says frontman and founding member Miles Doughty. "So many bands just want that quick success when you need to have longevity. We've never been a band that's exploded on the radio, that had any Top 10 singles, but we're a band that draws people to shows, and that's the difference -- we can always tour. We strive to have the longevity in being on the road."

When the band does come home, however, it's to their beloved Ocean Beach, a central San Diego suburb that's also home to like-minded laid-back act Tribal Seeds. It's where Doughty and his bandmates grew up surfing, writing first songs, later building their private studio and office space there while raising families. The city is as much a member of the band as any of the seven are.

"We grew up at the beach, and the benefit of being in this band is we've been all over the country, seeing everywhere around and there's a lot of cool places, but I would never leave the beach," Doughty says. "Our families are there, friends, everything that's comfortable. We're not the kind of band that enjoys the camera-in-your-face limelight shit and chasing around the Hollywood dream."

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