Kansas City's Samantha Fish Brings Youth and Energy to the Blues

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Benjamin Leatherman
Samantha Fish performs with her band at Margaret T. Hance Park earlier this month.
The month of March has been rife with big concerts and unforgettable performances. And one of the more memorable moments thus far was when the Samantha Fish Band played her first-ever show in Phoenix while headlining Blues Blast 2014.

The 25-year-old blues wunderkind, who hails from Kansas City, Missouri, is renowned for her sultry voice and talents of the guitar, both of which she showed off during the event, which took place earlier this month at Margaret T. Hance Park.

The blues frontwoman and the other members of her trio, the Samantha Fish Band, lived up to their billing atop the Blues Blast lineup by performing for well over an hour and wailing away on their respective instruments. And believe us, they certainly can wail.

Fish's onstage energy tends to get crowd's up an moving, which was certainly the case at Blues Blast when those in attendance moved right in front of the stage to get the dance vibes going.

Fish most definitely had fun during the gig, and later told Up On the Sun that Blues Blast was a great experience.

"This was my first time in Phoenix and it was a helluva bang," she says.

Jim Crawford, president of the Phoenix Blues Society (the local organization that hosted and organized the event), was also thrilled with Fish's performance and said that she brought a lot to the Blues Blast.

"Samantha was an excellent choice for us this year," he says. "Not only is she a great player, she commands the stage like someone far older. We've been trying to lure a younger audience to join us at Blues Blast and we believe Samantha and her band helped us. There were a lot of younger faces in the crowd."

And, Crawford adds, while Fish's choice of covering such hard rock songs as Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" towards the end of her set may have "raised some eyebrows" among the hardcore blues fans, it was ultimately her show and no one in attendance asked for their money back.

He also hopes that Fish will make Phoenix a regular stop during her future tours. That's a good bet, based on Fish's enjoyable experience at Blues Blast, especially watching Sugaray Rayford and the Rhythm Room All-Stars perform before she went on stage.

"I love the festival element because it allows us to take in what our fellow musicians are doing," she says.

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