Rob Zombie Involved in Not One, But Two Upcoming Horror-Related Projects

Maria Vassett
Rob Zombie performs at KUPD's Desert Uprising in 2012.
The marriage of horror cinema and heavy metal -- it's a match made in heaven for me and probably hell for others, like my girlfriends who prefer pop music and romantic comedies. Either way, it's one of my favorite topics and we've definitely got some fresh blood on the matter for this week's edition of Metal Mondays.

Last year, New Times spoke with Rob Zombie, who said his movie Lords of Salem would be his last horror film for a "really long time." Apparently, it seems that a "really long time" isn't as long as you might think, since the heavy metal icon reportedly has changed his mind.

In our interview, Zombie discussed his new album Venomous Rat Regeneration, his new film and book, Lords of Salem, and his biggest creative challenges. One of those challenges happened to be the fact that he was sick of making horror movies.

"Sometimes you just want to immerse yourself in a certain type of film if you know that's where you're heading. My next movie is Broad Street Bullies," a hockey-centered movie he described as Rocky meets Boogie Nights. I asked him what he thought about the current state of horror compared to what it was when he discovered it.

"Well, when I started loving it, I don't even think I called it horror. They were monster movies -- Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman . . . they were monster movies and we loved the monster. As time has gone on, that's changed a lot; you don't even see monster movies. They barely exist. It's a bummer."

Would he ever consider creating a monster movie?

"No. I'm not really thinking of doing anything . . . Lords of Salem is my last sort of horror-genre related film for a really long time."

However, it only took less than a year for Zombie to change his mind about his next project.

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