A Father's Duty: Listening to Worn-Out Classics

Aerosmith can be heard practically 50 times a day on KSLX.
A few weeks ago, I wrote a cheery little ditty titled Five Things I Hate About Music. In case you somehow haven't read it (that was a joke, although I do seem to have a few deeply disturbed readers), one of the five was Obvious Songs.

While expanding on said annoyance, I took to task local classic rock radio legend KSLX. I claimed that I had a tough time listening to KSLX because "I go nuts in about 25 minutes because every song it plays is so damn obvious."

When I submitted it, my editor mentioned the irony that Up on the Sun had named KSLX "Best Classic Rock" radio station in its 7 Best Radio Stations in Metro Phoenix blog posted earlier that day.

After my initial "How the fuck could the New Times staff have decided on 'Best Classic Rock' anything without polling the old man?" reaction, I started a month-long experiment on the subject of worn-out music.

Wow, Kids, Your Idea of a Deep Cut Is Pretty Shallow

To my editor's credit, he didn't suppress my conflicting opinion.

He did send me the link to their take. I read the article immediately.

I absolutely agreed with my fellow writers' suggestion to "screw anyone who says [classic] rock is just for dads." I hailed their contention that Mötley Crüe was never actually good.

And obviously, I shared the sentiment that "you've heard those same old Aerosmith hits a hundred times on other stations."

However, I completely disagreed with the key assertion that I wasn't hearing those same old hits on KSLX because it does some "serious crate digging."

Deep Aerosmith on KSLX? Surely, you jest. Try "Walk This Way" or "Dream On" or maybe "Love in an Elevator."

I have been listening to the station on and off since I arrived here in 1987, and I feel safe in saying that outside their specialty shows (which the blog noted, and I agree, is one of KSLX's bright spots), the chances are minimal that you going to hear "No More, No More" or "S.O.S.," or anything deeper than Aerosmith's Top Ten.

And it's only Top Ten because Aerosmith is a legend. An overwhelming number of bands that it plays don't go deeper than one or two songs.

So I wrote my editor back and um, politely disagreed.

I didn't disagree that KSLX is a Valley legend. Not even with the idea that it is the "Best Classic Rock Station" in the Valley (although that's like saying I'm my kids' best dad since there aren't any other classic rock stations).

I just disagree that it plays deep cuts.

As the senior dad of the staff (truth be told, I don't know anyone on the staff; that's just a hypothesis) and a self-proclaimed classic rock expert, I felt I had to do so.

Besides, arguing about relatively unimportant, music-related stuff like this is the most fun part of being a record store geek.

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OK, you ramble way the fuck on too long about it all, but in a nutshell I agree and that's why 100.7 gets no wave in my ride. I want Wango Tango, No More No More, Lights Out and the entire side of Frampton Comes Alive, KSLX.  

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