Pinback's Zach Smith: "I Like to Be a Band for the People"

Even with such observations, Pinback's own existence isn't made to be concrete either. As both Smith and Crow have any number of side projects operating outside of Pinback, tenure doesn't necessarily ensure a future for the band. Its fate is subject to the whims of Crow and Smith, the latter of whom doesn't seem so concerned with its possible dissolution -- not to discredit the body of work it comes with, however.

"It's always up in the air," Smith says. "You always do a record and then you decide if you want to do it again. It's not as if we're like 'No, we're not doing another record,' but you have a life going, you have changes in it and you do what comes your way that you want to do. That's the thing, as long as we're passionate about it. We've released so many things that we're like 'Do you want to do another one?' 'Well, we could...'[laughs]."

Maybe such tongue-in-cheek self-deprecation is part of Pinback's longevity -- taking the band slightly less than serious, while also exercising other creative options, allows the project to breathe and its members to return to it with clear eyes.

Fundamentally, Smith is aware of what keeps the band moving forward, ever discrediting the influence he and Crow have had on a generation of indie bands that found their beginnings in someone's bedroom. Living room, bedroom, stage -- there's no difference to Pinback, happily making music all the same.

"I get to do what I want to do and it's not for anything else but people being interested," Smith says. "Treat your fans the best you can. We're just regular dudes and we hate the whole pedestal thing that sometimes happens with bands. I'm just some dumb dude playing bass or whatever, just an average guy. That's part of our aesthetic, I think. I like to be a band for the people [laughs]."

Pinback are scheduled to play Friday, March 7 as part of the Viva PHX Festival. Tickets are $20.

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