7 Must-See Bands at Liquid Sol Music Festival in Glendale

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The White Buffalo is scheduled to perform on Saturday, March 15, at Liquid Sol Music Festival.
Despite what you may have heard, this weekend's Liquid Sol Music Festival isn't just some alt-rock revival of throwback bands. Yes, more than a few favorites from the '80s (BoDeans, Lovehammers), '90s (Blind Melon, Fuel), and '00s (Buckcherry, Train) are on the lineup of the daylong event on Saturday, March 15, at Sportsman's Park in Glendale. But, if you take a deeper look at the schedule, it's more than just radio-friendly tunemakers and unit-shifters to be had.

In fact, you can also hear punk of both the pop and skate variety at the event, as well as Americana practitioners, country crooners, and flat-out rock 'n' rollers.

Here are seven bands we're interested in checking out at Liquid Sol.


All-American Rejects
Like rap music, pop-punk has demonstrated an evergreen quality as far as popularity is concerned. And few pop-punk bands experience the sort of popularity the All American Rejects have. Hailing from Oklahoma, they've recorded four albums, the most recent being this year's The Kids in the Street. You may remember their 2002 video for the song "Swing Swing," which highlighted singer Tyson Ritter's wildly cracking voice and dreamy blue eyes. Punk rock never looked, or sounded so attractive. -- Brandon Ferguson

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Sportsman's Park

1 W. Cardinals Dr., Glendale, AZ

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Michael Trella
Michael Trella

Very sad the the Event producers chose out of state production to put this on...#localfirst

Michael James
Michael James

I wish Glendale still had the Blues Festival. I can see why they got rid of it, a free festival compared with $59 per person. Guess which won out?

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