Moonshine Bandits on Outlaw Lifestyles, and Bringing Country and Hip-Hop Closer Together

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Tex and Bird on the Moonshine Bandits
Bird and Tex are perhaps the only individuals who can offer a firsthand comparison between sharing the stage with both Insane Clown Posse and Toby Keith in the same year. Together, the California-based outlaw musicians make up the hybrid country/hip-hop duo Moonshine Bandits, and in the land of the 'Shiners, such odd pairings are not unfamiliar.

After performing with an array of artists over the years, from the aforementioned to Tech N9ne, David Allan Coe, and Luke Bryan, the Moonshine Bandits are ready to headline their own tour, which kicks off at Rockbar in Scottsdale on Thursday night.

In early February, the Moonshine Bandits released their latest record, Calicountry. The album has the old-time rebellious country feeling of Merle Haggard laced with modern-day hip-hop effects and has since made its way into the Billboard and country charts.

The Moonshine Bandits try to see music differently, and they work to channel the energy of their eclectic fans (dubbed the Shiner Nation) that stem from all walks of life.

"They are helping us write our songs," says Bird. "They don't even know it, but they are the inspiration and the creation of the music that we make."

Stretching beyond the realm of music, the duo also has its own brand of jerky as well as a line of 99 proof un-aged whiskeys called Outlaw Moonshine featuring a clear whiskey, a peach flavor and an apple pie flavor. So, prior to their tour kick-off in Arizona, Up on the Sun spoke with Bird to learn about their blend of influences, their new record, and why their merchandise manager strolls out on stage during their performances in his underwear and moons the crowd.

You're kicking off your Country Gone Wild Tour here in Arizona, correct?

Yeah, we're starting off in Scottsdale, and then the second stop will be Flagstaff. Both of those towns are wonderful towns. We love playing Arizona, and the 'Shiner support has always been very good for us. We've had opportunities to play all around the Phoenix area.

What can the audience here expect from your live show?

Oh man, they're going to get a hell of a good show. We're going to have a good time with a lot of good dancing music, party music, and raise-a-little-hell type of music. I think the energy overall of the show is something that people will walk away from with a good positive feeling. They can forget about the cares of the world and the bills they gotta pay. We're going to go in there and have some drinks and cocktails, and it'll be badass.

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Rockbar Inc.

4245 N. Craftsman Court, Scottsdale, AZ

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Richard Dahlgren
Richard Dahlgren

great article....didn't realize how much some fans enjoy Chucky Baby.....

Jae Bonka
Jae Bonka

cant wait for denver on 4-4-14 WOOOHOOOOOO

Tommy Myers
Tommy Myers

Can't wait till Nashville tn with the lacs

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