STS9, Gramatik, Lettuce - McDowell Mountain Music Festival - 3/28/14

The MMMF main stage during STS9's performance. See more photos via our slideshow.

STS9, Gramatik, Lettuce
McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2014

It was a great spring night to spend outdoors at Hance Park for day one of the McDowell Mountain Music Festival before the brutal summer swoops in for the next six months or so.

There was an excitement in the air as Sound Tribe Sector Nine (STS9) was set to make their return to the stage after canceling their winter tour. Bassist and founding member David Murphy left the band in January and Alana Rocklin was preparing to take over for him. Rumors had surfaced that Murphy's departure was a signal that STS9 was ready to take their music in a new direction.


Perhaps the anticipation felt by STS9's legions of fans is what caused the audience to not acknowledge the band Lettuce. "Let the funk flooooooow," was the sole direction band leader Eric Krasno gave this high caliber collective of musicians. They put out everything they had, switching from soul to jazz effortlessly as notes from the saxophone fluttered through the air. Warren Haynes Band singer Alecia Chakour brought in her gritty passionate vocals to the proceedings.

Despite their efforts to grab the audience's attention, Lettuce plays music that is meant to be heard with friends while you dance, which means that no matter how funny a face the band's guitarist makes while he lays down a groovy riff, you're going to miss it. There is no denying that Lettuce plays music to enhance your trip, not freak you out. In this regard, Lettuce accomplished their mission.

Eric Krasno of Lettuce

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