Liquid Sol Music Festival: A Field Guide to Saturday's Event

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Everclear is scheduled to perform on Saturday, March 15, at Sportsman's Park in Glendale.
The stage is already up, the tents are in place, and the sound equipment is being hooked up. Yep, the scene at Sportsman's Park next door to the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale is a hectic one at the moment as the organizers of the Liquid Sol Music Festival are swamped with gearing up for this weekend's event.

That's nothing compared to the busy scene that will unfold on Saturday during the festival itself when more than 20 bands from across several genres of both the legendary and local variety will sling music outdoors for thousands of souls on a bright and sunny day.

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And believe us, it's definitely going to be sunny (big surprise) with nary any clouds in the sky. In other words, you'll want to prepare for both the "sol" with some sun block and make sure to have plenty of "liquid" and stay hydrated (see what we did there), especially if you plan to withstand all 13 hours of the festival.

And if you're hoping to catch hometown punk heroes Authority Zero, Americana act The White Buffalo, alt-rock quirksters Cracker, or local country-pop singer Laura Walsh, you'd better not be tardy as all these bands go on relatively early in the afternoon.

Conversely, fans of jangle-pop, nu-metal, and rowdy rock 'n' roll can sleep in late, as bands like Gin Blossoms, Buckcherry, Fuel, and Everclear are scheduled to perform more towards the evening.

We've got a few other tips to offer those planning to attend Liquid Sol.

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Sportsman's Park

1 W. Cardinals Dr., Glendale, AZ

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Josh Skora
Josh Skora

It's like freshman year of high school threw up all over Glendale

Kyle Hague
Kyle Hague

I would have been so excited about this... in 1997.

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