Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley on Their Latest Album and Being Back on the Road

When you're on tour, do you ever try to find time to visit the cities that you're in?

Honestly, I'm not much of one to get out a bunch. I'm kind of one of those guys, I'll just stay in the venue the whole time and work out, play Ping-Pong, write, and sleep (laughs). I don't know, I'm kind of those guys who just stays around the venue just because it's convenient and you've got your little regimes. I'll leave sometimes to play golf, but that's as far as I'll venture if I can find a golf course, but we'll go out and find a local pub after the show, but I'm not a big sight-seer.

What is it that you enjoy about stopping on tour in Arizona?

Well, when it's like right now and not the middle of summer so it won't be so hot it's the perfect time to come because it's so beautiful. Actually, all of the golf courses - that's probably one of my favorite things about Arizona. But, you know, the crowd is always great.

Phoenix is one of those kind of places where everybody's really pretty (laughs), it's beautiful, everyone is tan and there's something about being in a place where it's always warm like that and people know how to enjoy a show and to have a good time and Phoenix is one of those places. You know, the crowd's always great and that's the main thing - coming to places where people love live shows.

When you're performing, what is your absolute favorite song to perform - the one you will never get tired of playing?

Right now it's actually "Downtown." I guess because it's one of our newer singles. But I love performing that. It's just that right when we hit the opening chorus, the crowd goes crazy. Need You Now never gets old to me, I don't know why, it's just something about that song for me - it's our biggest song, but, I don't know, it just always a great reaction from the crowd and a great feeling every time you sing it.

Would you say that's probably one of the songs that the fans seem to love the most?

Yeah, Need You Now and it's funny, though, even our first single, Love Don't Live Here gets a big reaction so it's fun to kind of see what songs get the biggest reactions and where maybe the radio stations have really been big supporters. And you can always tell from the start, you know, when some of your first singles are getting really big reactions you know you're in a place where the radio station has really embraced you from start to finish and that's kind of a cool thing.

The cool thing right now for us is watching Compass, which is number three right now on the charts, and to see from the start of the tour a month ago when it was, I think, not even top 15 to see how much bigger a reaction it gets as it goes up the charts.

Do you guys work on new music while you're on the road - are you constantly thinking of new ideas?

Yeah, we write over time so I think we're always trying to look for what's going to be the next stage of the group and looking for that next big song. So yeah, we do write a lot on the road.

Do you already have a new concept for a new album or are you just focusing right now on the tour and Golden?

Just focusing on the tour. But I think if we had a concept, it would just be really trying to make much more of a fun record, you know, a lot more up-tempos because I think being on the road, you really want those big, fun, 'anthemic' songs. So I think that's one thing we've really tried to do is write some really fun, up-tempo songs.

Lady Antebellum is scheduled to perform on Tuesday, March 22, at Ak-Chin Pavilion.

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