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The members of Krill.
It's not an easy feat to strike a balance between seriousness and goofiness as successfully as Boston rock band Krill does. You title a song "Turd" or sell your second album as a USB drive stuck into a ball of mozzarella, and you're inviting some derision. Krill, however, sidesteps all of that with the vigor in their songs: severe, philosophically minded, thoroughgoing post-punk music that just so happens to be an awful lot of fun to listen to. They're songs that insist upon your attention: pretty much all of it.

The video for their 2012 single "Theme Song From Krill" (from 2012's excellent Lucky Leaves LP) features the band mugging for the camera, tossing up bunny ears behind each other like it's the first time they've found themselves in front of a camera. It'd feel like posturing except it so obviously isn't.

Indeed, many of the band's efforts are charmingly homespun: "indie" in a way that actually signifies something more than their sound, or the fact that the cover for 2012's Alam No Hris, their self-released first album, was pretty clearly made in MS Paint.

All of which makes Krill sound like more of a lark than they actually are. Like Pavement before them, the humor inherent in their efforts in no way betrays the songs themselves, which tend to become more worthwhile the more times you click play on your browser/record player/whatever.

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