Singer-Songwriter Justin Moody Doesn't Make Pretty Things

K.C. Libman
Justin Moody is scheduled to perform on Saturday, March 22, at Axiom in Peoria.
Justin Moody writes songs. They sit firmly in the folk vein -- dark, self-deprecating tales that are often vicious to their characters, capturing the excruciating eye for detail that only a storyteller can see.

Justin Moody also lives in a one bedroom apartment on the edge of Arcadia, a space cluttered with vinyl, acoustic guitars of varying vintages and requisite musical memorabilia hanging on the walls. Despite the trappings of a musician's life around him, there's a sense of transition within him, whether it's his restless chain smoking of Camel Lights as we sit on the tailgate of his white Ford Ranger or his inability to sit still when playing new songs from his upcoming record.

That record comes from a new place, likely from the same source that compels Moody to move as much as he does. The album is conceptual, built around his request for his closest friends to each send him a letter detailing aspects of their friendship that they might not have been able to say in person. It's heavy fodder to the point that Moody says he has knots in his stomach every time he checks the mail. It's a self-inflicted tribulation, but one that he feels points to his maturation as a songwriter.

"Up until this point my music has been very one-sided emotionally -- I got left, someone cheated on me, 'poor me, poor me,'" Moody says. "I had never really written about someone else's emotions toward me after something detrimental, like a breakup, so I wrote out this mass Facebook message about this letter concept. There's probably some times between everybody where they haven't said something because it's awkward -- either good or bad."

Part of this new image is the shedding of his previous moniker, The Balcony Scene, which Moody carried with him from Prescott upon his move to Phoenix last June. Though it's the banner under which he gained most notoriety in Phoenix and in Prescott, his birth given name now suits him just fine -- Justin Moody has the ring of a troubadour's title anyway.

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Really this story is so fake. This guy has only had one girl friend is his life. His mommy has paid for every up to this month. This guy is the biggest poser and a pansy I have ever seen. This guy has had every thing givin to him his whole life and has never been though hardship or hard times.He comes from a great family and church family. This guy is soooooo fake it actually funny. Good luck justin with this make believe life u made up. Maybe you should listin to postivily fourth street by Bob Dylan. Your not a folk singer your just another wannabe with a gituar.

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